Arm Care Work

Arm Care Work

Written on 03/23/2020

Arm Care w/ Coach Zandler

Recommendations from Coach Zandler

  • Players should attempt to throw 3-4 times per week to keep their arms in game shape.
  • Be sure to go through your mobility work and arm care prior to each throwing session.
  • Long Toss 1-2 times per week. 
    • Set a timer on your phones or watches to track how long you throw. 
    • Attempt to beat your previous time and distance the next time you long toss.
  • If you have a bucket of balls and a net, use it.
  • No net, grab a family member or a teammate and get your throwing in. Remember to wipe down the ball and wash your hands before throwing.

Sample Throwing Progression

Wrong Foot Drill(8-10 Throws)

  • Position throwing side foot forward in line with the glove-side toe. 
  • Rotate through the mid to upper back.
  • Throw. 

Roll-Ins - (8-10 Throws)

  • Position right foot forward, toe up. 
  • Roll weight forward so that the rear knee points down to the ground.
  • Rotate through the mid-upper back and throw. 
  • Right, left, throw for right-handers or left, right, throw for left-handers.

Rocker Drill(8-10 Throws)

  • Post stride position with front foot open to target.
  • Rock forward keeping head over belly button.
  • Rock back.
  • Throw.

Jump backs(8-10 Throws)

  • Start in set position (narrow feet).
  • Jump onto back leg.
  • Load up on the back hip and change directions quickly.
  • Throw.

2 Shuffle Drill: (5-7 Minutes)

  • Work back.
  • Adding momentum to your throws using 2 shuffles.
  • Be sure to keep hands together during both shuffles.

Work Back Into 50-60 Feet:

  • Position Players:

    • Relays  (5 Throws).
    • Tags (5 Throws).  
    • Reaches (5 Throws).
    • Quick Hands
  • Pitchers:
    • Picks to first base (5 Throws).
    • Spin picks to second base (5 Throws).  
    • Inside moves to second base(5 Throws).

Pitching Recommendations

Bullpen Session – 1 per week

  • Throw 3 pitch sets to 6 - 8 batters.
  • Mix in all your pitches.
  • Throw a portion of your pen from the stretch and a portion from the wind-up.
  • Simulate no runners on, a man on 1st base, and a man on 2nd base.
  • Use a stand in to simulate a batter, if possible.