Backcourt Work

Backcourt Work

Written on 03/23/2020

(HS Level)

After all five spots,Four main objectives for guards on drives:

  • Create space between themselves and their defender.
  • Go north and south on drives don’t belly out (straight to the hoop).
  • Put your body on the defender’s body on the start step.
  • Take your dribble moves right at the defender get them on their heels. If you get beside them or get them on their heels, they are beat!


Warm-Up with 2-Ball Dribbling

Eyes up, be ball quick.

  • Control: Both low below knees (in-rhythm and alternative)

  • Speed: both balls (in-rhythm and alternative)

  • High-Low: one ball control dribble, one ball speed dribble. Both sides.

Move down the court dribbling (same as above) with a change of hands.


Shooting Progression

Hold high one-second follow-through. Starting directly in front of the basket and without jumping, make five shots in a row (no rim allowed). Take one step back towards the foul line and repeat. Continue until you reach the foul line. Any shot which hits the rim does not count.


7 Dribble Moves with Finish at the Basket

Start with a low body balance base of support. Be compact! You make each move one from the right side then one from the left side. Start by spinning yourself a pass and catch down low. From here your circle tight and make a direct or crossover move. Start from half-court. After your finish at the basket, you spin a pass and open toward the big part of the court while you catch facing. Then using the same move you break a press up the middle to half court. Then make the second move on the left side. Then go back to the right side and make the next move. Do this until you have made all 7 moves on both sides.

Seven Dribble Moves:

  1. Speed Dribble – throw the ball out, get there, straight line as quick as possible
  2. Hesitation Dribble – fast, slow (higher dribble, stand up a little), fast, straight-line drive
  3. In and Out – head and shoulder, fake a crossover move, take the ball over and back, keep the ball in the same hand
  4. Stutter Step – squeak feet with a wide stance if the defender is off you shoot a 3 pointer, if not go to the basket
  5. Stutter Crossover – right hand to left hand, crossover low, look at the basket on stutter-step, explode after crossover
  6. Between Legs – from the right side, drive middle, turn so you go between the legs left to right hand and vice versa.
  7. Pull Back Crossover – go in hard to wing then use 2 pull back dribbles 1 crossover dribble, right to left hand then explode to basket (repeat, alternating directions).


7 Dribble Moves with Pull-Up Jumper

Same as above with jump shot finish.


Square-Up: Jab and Go

2 sets of 10 from right-wing, left-wing and top of the key

  • Square Up, 6 Inch Jab, and Go
  • Square Up, 6 Inch Jab, and Crossover and Go
  • Square Up, 6 Inch Jab, and Jump Shot


32-Point Drill

Five spots on the court: 1.) Left corner, 2.) Left-wing 3.) Top of the key 4.) Right-wing 5.) Right corner.  You make 3 moves from each spot. The first is a 3-point shot (worth 3 points). The second is a shot fake-one dribble drive to middle shoot a jumper (worth 2 points). The third move is a shot fake -one dribble to middle layup (worth 1 point). So each spot is worth 6 points. After all five spots, shoot 2 free throws (worth 1 point each) for a total of 32 points. You compete against yourself. Make the moves at game speed and be tight with your game. On the drives to the middle, use direct and crossover moves.



End your workout with 20 consecutive free throws.