Rebounding Work

Rebounding Work

Written on 03/29/2020

Rebounding Drills


  • Pick 1 or 2 of the following drills and add to an existing workout.
  • Or do all 5 of the following drills if you are only concentrating on rebounding for the day.

Drills to Choose From:

1.   Tip Drill

Instructions: Stand under the basket on the right side. Throw the ball up on the backboard. Jump up as high as you can and tip the ball with fingertips of your right hand 10 times. Tip the last one in the basket. Repeat from the left side using your left hand.


2.   Grab and Tip

Instructions: Same as above, except instead of tipping with just one hand, grab the ball with two hands and tip it back on the board 10 times. Make sure you shoot the last one into the basket. Do on both sides.


3.  .Rebound Put Back – (10 times consecutively on each side)

Instructions: Standing in the lane, toss the ball against the board. Go up strong after it and grab it with two hands. As you land, keep the ball high and immediately explode back up and score off the backboard. Repeat the 10 using a head fake and then finish.


4.   Superman Drill – (3 sets @ 30 seconds)

Instructions: Stand on the left block and toss the ball off the right side of the backboard. Power slide across the lane and explode up and grab the rebound, landing on our outside of the lane. Shoot the ball back up and start the process again.


5.   Partner Rebounding – (2 sets of 15)

Instructions: Have a friend or someone in your family shoot and you must get the rebound before the ball hits the ground. Then finish with a made basket. For each time the ball hits the ground, do 5 pushups.

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