Written on 03/29/2020

Defense/Footwork Drills


  • Pick 1 or 2 of the following drills and add to an existing workout.
  • Or do all 5 of the drills if you are concentrating only on defensive footwork for the day.

Drills to Choose From:

1.   Lane Slides – (3 sets @ 30 seconds)

Instructions: Start in the middle of the lane. Slide in a defensive stance (without your feet crossing) to the left and back to the right lane line. Focus is on FORM…build up your speed as the weeks progress but do not sacrifice form.


2.   Denial Slides – (3 sets @ 30 seconds)

Instructions: Start on the wing. Slide down to block and back up. Keep palm open to the ball and head turned on your shoulder. Flip your head each time you plant to change direction.


3.   Full Court Slides – (4 court lengths)

Instructions: Start on the baseline with your hands behind your back. Turn an imaginary ballhandler the length of the court.


4.   Duke Drill – (3 sets @ 45 seconds)

Instructions: Start in the lane on the baseline. Sprint to the foul line and get in a good defensive stance. Slide to the right sideline. Sprint forward to half court. Slide across to the left sideline. Stay low. Back pedal to the foul line extended. Slide back to the center of the foul line and back pedal to the baseline.


5.   Closeout Drill – (3 sets)

Instructions: Start under the rim and “closeout” to the left wing. To closeout properly – use short, choppy steps as you approach the ball. Make sure you are balanced with bottom down and hands up to contest shot. Use your feet and body positioning to force the ball to the corner. Return to under the rim. Repeat the “close out” to the free throw line and then to the right wing. That is one set.

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