RockIt Sports

Practice Rules



All Practices at RockIt Sports

  • All teams are to be ready to practice 5 minutes prior to posted practice time. Gather in a designated area (red chairs at your court), chalk talk, and stretch. Be ready at your start time!
  • Practice is 1 hour. Please leave the court when your hour is over. Coaches can find a small area off the court to meet and dismiss the team if needed.
  • Only coaches and players are allowed on the courts at any time!
  • Balls will be provided for all teams. There will be a rack of 10 boys balls and a rack of 10 girls balls at each court. You will need to share with the other team on the other half-court. Keep the rack at mid-court.
  • You will only have 1 basket and a half-court. It will be important for you to respect other players and teams around you!
  • Please clean up your bench and your court as you exit! It is NOT the next team’s job to chase around the gym for the balls. Replace them on the rack and pick up trash. HELPFUL HINT: Have your players put all their bags, gear, water bottles, etc. on the bleachers away from the court. That way at the end of practice your players will not spill water or need to return to the benches and disturb the next team’s practice.
  • If you use cones, ladders, pennies…please return them from where you got them.
  • Each hour is precious practice time to those teams…we emphasize that all players and all coaches should respect others’ space and way of doing things. If there is a problem, there will be a RockIt Supervisor on duty. Please find them to handle any issues. Thank you!