RockIt Sports

COVID Protocol


·    Players and Coaches Only! No Spectators in the Gym

·    Adults Entering the Facility Must Have Necessary Credentials (Lanyards Will be Limited to 3 per team)

·    Everyone Entering the Facility Will Have Their Temperature Checked.  Anyone with a 100.4 Temperature or Higher will be Denied Entry

·    Hand Sanitizer Required Upon Entry

·    Masks Required for Everyone at All Times – Players, Coaches, & Staff

·    Players will be Allowed to Take Off Mask Once They Begin Practicing/Playing on the Court

·    Coaches Required to Wear Masks During Practices & Games

·    Practice Social Distancing on Bleachers and Benches (Notice “Please Sit Here” Stickers)

·    Do Not Move Chairs or Benches

·    Players Must Bring Their Own Water/Drinks & Towels

·    Do Not Use Balls Until Practice/Game Time Officially Begins

·    Players & Coaches Meet in Designated Area

·    Return All Balls to the Rack When Practice/Game is Over

·    No Post Practice/Game Socializing – Players and Coaches Must Leave in a Timely Manner

·    No Water Fountains Accessible

Your safety, along with our staff, participants, and officials, is our top priority. As such, we have designed a process for our league that will enable everyone to participate in a safe and efficient manner. We will have a RockIt Supervisor to greet everyone at the door and direct players and coaches to their designated area.


Our #1 GOAL is to remain open! Please obey the rules and be respectful to our staff and to each other.

  1. Players and coaches will be allowed to enter the building using social distancing requirements 5 minutes before your scheduled practice or game.  At no time will there be a deviation from this schedule, so there will be no need to arrive at our facility 20-30 minutes prior to your time…you will not be allowed to enter. This control measure enables the ability to limit the number of people in the gym at any one time. We appreciate your cooperation in advance!


  1. CREDENTIALS: Rockit Lanyards will be required for any adult entering the facility. RockIt Directors will allocate 3 lanyards for each team. Two lanyards for coaches and 1 lanyard for scorebook official. Mite Division teams will receive 4 lanyards per team (1 for accompanying team-parent).


  1. ALL BLEACHER SEATS will be marked and measured 6 feet apart from one another. Teams will not be allowed to go to their respective bench until the previous team has left and the bench has been cleared of the previous team’s gear AND trash.


  1. Following the completion of each game, players and coaches will need to gather their bags and trash and immediately leave the bench area. This will limit the passing of other players while one group is entering and another leaving. Traditional postgame discussions amongst teams may NOT BE CONDUCTED INSIDE THE GYM. It will need to occur outside in the parking lot. 


  1. To ensure the safety of our staff, players, and officials, anyone entering the facility will have their temperature taken to eliminate anyone who may be running a fever. Anyone having a fever will be denied entry.


  1. The Clubhouse Café will be OPEN to ONE PARENT PER FAMILY on GAME DAYS and occasionally open for practices! A mask is required and capacity will be monitored and limited. You must enter and exit through the outside door by the parking lot. DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE GYM! We also ask that you leave in a timely manner so that other parents have an opportunity to dine and watch the next game or practice. We hope to be able to offer this service for the entirety of the winter.


  1. Every game on all courts at every location will be live-streamed on Facebook. Find your game feed by clicking here.