Fall League Overview

Fall League Overview

Written on 05/18/2020

2020 RockIt Fall Basketball League

7-week season. Games played on Saturdays & Sundays

Week 1:  Sept 12-13

Week 2:  Sept 19-20

Week 3:  Sept 26-27

Week 4:  Oct 3-4

Week 5:  Oct 10-11

Week 6:  Oct 17-18

Week 7:  Oct 24-25



·       Guaranteed to play a minimum of 7 games

·       Separate competitive (AAU) and developmental (REC) divisions offered

·       All Games played on RockIt Loft Court or RockIt Main Court

·       No Evaluations. Friend requests are allowed

·       One-hour games (20-minute halves)

·       Potential hours (depends on # of teams) – Sat & Sun 8:30am-9:00pm (Built-in 30-min break)

·       Registration opens on July 1 and closes on August 28, 2020. Full game schedule released on Sept 1st

·       RockIt Reversible Jersey required. Sold separately. Online Store Coming Soon

·       Game/League rules. LINK

·       All information including schedule will be posted here. LINK

·       Practices, Skill Sessions, and Playoffs are NOT included in the Fall League


·       Outside/Established Teams & AAU Teams = $1000 per team/Minimum of 8 players & Maximum of 12 players

·       RockIt Free Agent (individual sign-up) = $100/Max 10 players per roster

·       RockIt AAU Teams = included in AAU monthly fees



·       Divisions playing games in Loft (Max of 48 teams)

-        4th/5th Boys Rec Division

-        4th/5th Boys AAU Division

-        4th/5th Girls Rec Division

-        4th/5th Girls AAU Division

·       Divisions playing games on Main Court (Max of 48 teams)

-        6th Boys Rec Division

-        6th Boys AAU Division

-        7th Boys Rec Division

-        7th Boys AAU Division

-        8th Boys Rec Division

-        8th Boys AAU Division

-        MS Girls Rec Division (6th-8th)

-        MS Girls AAU Division (6th-8th)

-        HS Boys Rec Division (9th-11th)

-        HS Girls Rec Division (9th-11th)


*Divisions may be combined depending on the # of teams signed up (priority is to keep REC & AAU Teams separated)

*AAU Teams can request to play doubleheaders on 4 weekends (contingent on available opponents and court space). This allows for organizations to alternate playing in our league and other AAU tournaments during the Fall