Rules and Protocols

Rules and Protocols

Written on 05/18/2020
Robert Meeker






2 spectators per player are allowed in the gym for games. COVID remains a concern and we strenuously ask for your support!

Masks are recommended for spectators. Players and coaches are not required to wear masks.

Teams will be asked to leave once their game is over so RockIt can keep within their capacity numbers.

Home Team will need to provide a scorekeeper. Scorebooks will be provided by RockIt at the scorer’s table.

Home Team will wear white (light color) and Visiting Team will wear blue (dark color).

All coaches, players, and parents are expected to treat officials and RockIt Staff with respect.


All teams are to be ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to posted game time.

High School Rules are followed except as modified by RockIt Basketball (see below)

Games will consist of two (2) twenty-minute halves. It will be a running clock except for the last two minutes of each half on every dead ball. The clock also stops for time-outs and shooting fouls (stop when the whistle blows…but will be restarted when the ball is handed to the player for his/her second foul shot).

MERCY RULE: If a team is leading by 25+ points, the clock will run continuously.

Each team will be allowed two (2) thirty-second timeouts per half.  One additional timeout will be awarded to each team per overtime period.  Any timeouts remaining from regulation may NOT be used during overtime.

Any player assessed five (5) fouls will foul out of the game. A technical foul shall count as an individual and as a team foul.

A one-and-one foul shot will be awarded after the seventh team foul in a half.  Two foul shots will be awarded after the tenth team foul and after every subsequent foul in each half of the game.  Second-half team fouls will carry over into overtime.

Overtime will be sudden death… the first team to score, wins.

**Full court press is allowed…EXCEPT for 4th/5th Grade Boys and Girls Rookie Division (no press for the entire game).

**Any defense is allowed…EXCEPT for 4th/5th Grade Boys and Girls Rookie Division (man-to-man defense required).


NO OUTSIDE FOOD IN THE GYMS AT ANY TIME. Coaches are responsible for enforcing this rule with his/her team’s players, parents, and fans. Snacks should be handled outside of the gym.

NO SMOKING is allowed in the facility.

NO OUTSIDE SHOES allowed on the court(s). Players are expected to change into their basketball shoes after they arrive…preserve the new floors.

Players must bring their own water bottles.

Coaches are responsible for cleaning your bench after the game…throw away empty bottles, trash and collect all equipment.