Girls AAU

Girls AAU

"Havoc at RockIt" Girls AAU

Feb. 24th - June 14th

RockIt will provide a quality program in the 4th/5th - 11th grades.  Players will have an opportunitu to compete at both regional and state-level AAU/travel tournaments.  Led by our outstanding staff, players will develop through team instructions, individual skill sessions, and highly competitive game situations.


Minimum of 2 practices a week (Begins the week of February 24th)

Weekly skill sessions opportunities to improve even more (Begins the week of February 24th).

Minimum of 5 tournaments


Girls AAU Tryouts

4th - 7th Graders - February 16th 

4th and 5th - 5 pm    6th and 7th - 6 pm

8th - 11th Graders - February 23rd

8th - 1 pm    9th - 3 pm  •  10th - 5 pm    11th - 7 pm


Girls Basketball Q & A:

Our Mission?

The primary mission of this merger is to promote the continued development of young females as it relates to the fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship, and athletic competition. This will be achieved through participation in tournaments throughout the country and competing at the highest level possible. Coaching each player in reaching their maximum potential and contribution in the game of basketball and in transforming those skills from the basketball floor today, to become leaders in our communities tomorrow.

Why Havoc?

Coach Ford and Havoc’s commitment lies in teamwork, motivation, and a blue-collar mentality; meaning teams win, not individuals. Their philosophy is character over talent, work ethic over entitlement, and team over individuals. This is the standard, not the goal, in which each player must buy into. This is the perfect match with RockIt Sports philosophy of “Listen…Respect…Work.” We are excited about merging two thriving programs into one of the premier girl’s AAU programs in the state of Virginia.

The plan for the 2020 Spring/Summer Season?

“Havoc @ RockIt” will have 4 teams this 2020 Spring/Summer season. Tryouts will be held at RockIt Sports on Sunday, February 23rd.

2024 (8th Grade) February 23rd, 1:00 pm

2023 (9th Grade) February 23rd, 3:00 pm

2022 (10th Grade) February 23rd, 5:00 pm

2021 (11th Grade) February 23rd, 7:00 pm

These teams will compete on the AAU/travel circuit starting in March and will include two practices per week, one optional skill session per week, and a minimum of 8 tournaments. There will also be an opportunity to sign-up for supplemental programming, including private lessons and sports performance training (agility, speed, and strength).

What about the other age groups and existing teams?

Current RockIt and Havoc teams (5th grade – 7th grade) will continue with their established structure: fees, schedule, and coaches. No changes will be made for this 2020 Spring/Summer season for existing teams.

The future: Fall 2020 and beyond?

All girl’s teams will be “Havoc @ RockIt.” Tryouts for Elementary and Middle School girls will be held in September 2020 (4th-8th Grade). Tryouts for High School girls will be held in February 2021 (9th-11th Grade).


For any questions, please email David Ford at or call (804) 519-7212