Fall League

Fall League

Oct. 7th, 2018 - Oct. 28th, 2018


Rosters and Schedule  *CLICK HERE*

Our first ever Fall Basketball League will provide players with a unique opportunity to get a jump-start on basketball season.  This league will consist of up to 8 games in the month of October, giving athletes a season's worth of game experience to prepare for our Winter Basketball League! Coaches can bring their own team or players can sign up as Free Agents and play for one of RockIt's knowledgeable coaches.  


Juniors: 5th and 6th Grade Coed

Seniors: 7th and 8th Grade Coed

Girls Division: 5th - 8th Grade Girls

Game Day Dates

Oct. 7th • Oct. 14th • Oct. 21st • Oct. 28th

  • Up to 8 games in a four week span (2 potential games every Sunday)
  • Games only - No practices
  • All Games will be played on Sundays between 11am and 7pm at RockIt Sports
  • Teams will have 7-Players Minimum - 10-Players Maximum*

RockIt Free Agent Price: $50**

Independent Team Fee: $400**

Knock off the rust and be game-ready when basketball season arrives! 

*There will be a maximum of 5 teams in each division. 

**All players will be required to wear a Reversible RockIt Game Jersey.  Those without a jersy will need to purchase one at an additional $25.