League Rules

League Rules

Written on 10/17/2020
Robert Meeker

3v3 Rules

Team Roster: Each team should consist of a minimum of 3 players and no more than 5 players. 3 players must always be on the court

Referee: 1 referee per half-court game done by coaches of the participating teams

Timeouts: Each team will be awarded two 30-second timeouts to be used at anytime

Initial Possession: A free throw shot by the away team will determine which team gets the first possession.

Scoring: Every successful shot shall be awarded 1 point. Every successful free throw is worth 1 point

Free-throws: If a player is fouled while shooting, they will be allowed to shoot 1 free throw.

Game Duration: Each game is 15 minutes long with no score cap. Each game is running clock whereby the time will only stop during a time-out.

Possession following a dead ball: Any dead ball will start with an exchange of the ball behind the arc at the top of the court

Possession following a defensive rebound or steal: If the defense gets a rebound or a steal, the ball

must be returned behind the arc (even on an air ball). You may dribble or pass it out behind the arc.


Following a jump ball: In the event of a jump ball, the defensive team will be awarded the ball

Substitutions: Substitutions can be done every 5 minutes and on any dead ball within the last 2 minutes.


NO OUTSIDE FOOD IN THE GYMS AT ANY TIME. Coaches are responsible for enforcing this rule with his/her team’s players, parents, and fans. If a team provides snacks to their players, please distribute snacks after exiting the gym

NO SMOKING or VAPING is allowed in the facility at any time.

NO OUTSIDE SHOES allowed on the court(s). Players are expected to change into their basketball shoes after they arrive…preserve the floors.

Players must bring their own water bottles.

Coaches are responsible for holding their players accountable for cleaning your bench after the game… Please collect all team equipment and see that empty bottles, wrappers. and trash makes it to the receptacles provided.




Please respect ALL facility signage. Our baseball space is limited and reserved for baseball families and programs.  Fall League participants AND THEIR FAMILIES are NOT permitted inside cages or beyond thresholds marked for baseball use.  Violation of this rule will result in a warning. Repeated violations may result in removal from the facility.  Please understand our concerns about your safety, these restricted areas can be extremely dangerous.

Head Coaches are responsible for relaying this information to their teams. Coaches AND PARENTS are expected to supervise their dependants at all times.