League Rules

League Rules

Written on 05/18/2020
Robert Meeker



Home Team will provide a scorekeeper. Scorebooks will be provided by RockIt at the scorer’s table.

Visiting Team will provide a clock keeper. Clock instruction will be provided at the scorer’s table.

At the conclusion of each game, the final score should be recorded in ROCKIT NOTEBOOK provided at the scorer’s table. 

All persons sitting at the scorer’s table are expected to be professional and courteous! A technical foul shall be assessed, if necessary.

Home Team will sit under “HOME” bench and wear white.

Visiting Team will sit under “GUEST” bench and wear blue.


All players must be recorded on the team’s roster by December 4th. All team rosters must be emailed to League Director Lisa Woodson (lwoodson@rockitsports.net). No guest players allowed unless okayed by League Director prior to the game. 

No player will be allowed to play on two teams within the same division.


Players must wear the RockIt reversible jersey*. Jerseys must be tucked in. Violations will result in a warning from the referee and may result in a technical foul if the violation persists.

*AAU teams that have organizational issued uniforms can wear their own gear. Every AAU player on their designated team must wear the same uniform.


All outside teams and AAU teams' playing time and substitutions are determined by their respective coach.

For RockIt members playing on RockIt REC teams, playing time should be equally distributed amongst all players for the first 35 minutes of the game. The last 5 minutes will be determined by the head coach. If you have issues or concerns, please direct your complaints to Lisa Woodson, League Director.


Only one coach is permitted to stand during the game. All other team personnel, including assistant coaches, must remain seated during live play. The first violation of this rule will result in a warning.  The second violation of this rule will result in a technical foul.

The Head Coach is required to record the final score at the scorer’s table. Division scores and standings will be updated once all scores from that Division are received.

Head Coaches will be held responsible for the actions of their players, assistant coaches, and parents.  League Director will address any complaints or concerns.


All coaches, players, and parents are expected to treat officials with respect.

No coach, under any circumstances, shall make physical contact with or engage in an inappropriate exchange with a game official.  Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal from the League.

All officiating issues, questions or concerns shall be directed to Lisa Woodson, League Director.


If any coach receives a technical foul, all coaches for the team must remain seated for the rest of the game (excluding timeouts).

Any coach receiving a second technical foul in a game shall be ejected from that game. The ejection of a coach will result in an automatic suspension from his/her team’s next game.

Any player receiving a second technical foul in a game will be ejected from that game. The ejection of a player will result in an automatic suspension from his/her team’s next game.

Any player or coach receiving two ejections during the course of the season will be dismissed from the League.



All teams are to be ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to posted game time.

High School Rules are followed except as modified by RockIt Basketball (see below)

Games will consist of two (2) twenty-minute halves. Each half will have a running clock until the final two minutes of each half.  Outside of 2-minutes, the clock will only also stop for time-outs and shooting fouls**. Inside of 2-minutes, the clock will stop on every dead ball. 

**When a player is fouled on an attempted shot, the clock will stop and remain stopped until the player receives the ball for their final foul shot.

MERCY RULE: If a team is leading by 25+ points, the clock will run continuously.

Each team will be allowed two (2) one-minute timeouts per half.  In the event that a game goes into overtime, team timeouts will automatically reset to ONE.  Any timeouts remaining from regulation will NOT carry into the overtime period(s).

Any player assessed five (5) personal fouls will foul out of the game. A technical foul shall count as personal, as well as a team foul.

On/after a team's seventh team foul in any half (team foul 7+), the opposing team will shoot a "one and one" foul shot for every non-offensive foul until the end of the half.  Two foul shots will be awarded on the tenth team foul and after every subsequent foul in each half of the game.  Second-half team fouls will carry over into overtime.

The first overtime period will be a two-minute clock (Inside 2-minute clock-rules apply). Double overtime will be sudden death…the first team to score wins.

Full court press is allowed…EXCEPT for 4th/5th Grade Boys and Girls REC Division (no press for the ENTIRE GAME).

Any defense is allowed…EXCEPT for 4th/5th Grade Boys and Girls REC Division (man-to-man defense required)***.

***Help defense will be allowed inside the lane only.  Players may only leave their man to help protect the basket.



NO OUTSIDE FOOD IN THE GYMS AT ANY TIME. Coaches are responsible for enforcing this rule with his/her team’s players, parents, and fans. If a team provides snacks to their players, please distribute snacks after exiting the gym

NO SMOKING or VAPING is allowed in the facility at any time.

NO OUTSIDE SHOES allowed on the court(s). Players are expected to change into their basketball shoes after they arrive…preserve the floors.

Players must bring their own water bottles.

Coaches are responsible for holding their players accountable for cleaning your bench after the game… Please collect all team equipment and see that empty bottles, wrappers. and trash makes it to the receptacles provided.




Please respect ALL facility signage. Our baseball space is limited and reserved for baseball families and programs.  Winter League participants AND THEIR FAMILIES are NOT permitted inside cages or beyond thresholds marked for baseball use.  Violation of this rule will result in a warning. Repeated violations may result in removal from the facility.  Please understand our concerns about your safety, these restricted areas can be extremely dangerous.

Head Coaches are responsible for relaying this information to their teams. Coaches AND PARENTS are expected to supervise their dependants at all times.